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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing usps fmla forms 2020-2021

Instructions and Help about usps fmla forms 2020-2021

To start filling out an electronically request form click on the leave request icon you should be automatically signed into your su net if not you will be prompted to sign in with your Sunnah and password once you're ready and put your name as a requester if you are taking non-consecutive days type those dates in the blank box below as such for example Tuesday November 25th and Tuesday November 28th however if you are going to be taking one or more consecutive days off use the calendar below November 27th through November 28th continue filling out the form by answering the next few questions does this impact a scheduled project no does this leave impact department business needs no if any required questions are not answered the form will highlight the question in red once finished hit the continue button the last and final is selecting the type of leave you are requesting and the amount of hours for each type of leave for example you took two days off select how you want your leave to be distributed at the bottom of the form is a common section you can use this to express any concerns or comments to your MPC or supervisor regarding your leave if you would like a copy of what you have entered click on the box above where it says send me a copy of my responses once you click Submit your MPC or supervisor will be notified of your request you will also receive an email confirmation.