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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fmla application

Instructions and Help about Fmla application

Hi I'm Helene Koeppel track smart product manager here with another inside track video edition today's topic is about handling an employee leave of absence when you hear about an employee taking a leave of absence your thoughts may immediately go to FMLA the Family and Medical Leave Act or paid maternity leave or another type of medical leave of absence but there are many other reasons an employee might take an extended leave such as jury duty bereavement leave workers comp or military leave the list goes on and on it's very important to know whether your employees entitled to FMLA leave or other legally protected time off company policy and applicable laws determine how much time an employee can take off for each type of absence whether the time off is job protected documentation and record-keeping requirements eligibility requirements and what portion of the leave if any is paid time off make sure you've got the rules for your business covered in your employee attendance policies and that those policies are communicated on a regular basis and applied consistently to all employees if you've got attendance policies providing for employee bereavement leave use the bereavement code to note those absences if your business needs to comply with FMLA you can note the time off with the FMLA absence code and give yourself a note to address the requirements for compliance you'll see a number of absence codes that either flat out designate a leave of absence or could align with an employee leave of absence such as FMLA leave of absence jury duty for extended trials bereavement leave military leave family illness or use the other code for reasons like administrative leave or other personal reasons you may have given someone extended time off it fewer employees are allocated a certain amount of additional paid time off in their time off banks you may make an adjustment in the employee profile time off plan tab remember to include notes as a reminder to why you've added time to that Bank there are many ways tracks Mart can help you keep track of time off taken for FMLA medical leave or any other type of employee leave of absence please make sure you educate yourself and stay in compliance with federal and state laws if you need extra help or some solutions to comply with those leave loss please visit HR director so there you have it until next time happy tracking have a question about track smart you'd like answered simply email it to Member Services at track smart calm until then see you in the community.

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